The tale of the tastiest Leidsche kaas

Oud Ade
Farm life,

At the end of the nineteenth century the first member of the Heemskerk family set foot on the farm. It was quickly decided to make Boeren-Leidsekaas (a farmer’s cheese) from the milk provided by the cows. Fast-forward 116 years and Boris and Ellen Heemskerk are the fourth generation of the Leiden Heemskerk family continuing the tradition of making cheese at De Morgenstond.

Ferry hopping in the Kaag en Braassem wetlands

Living with water ,Trade routes ,

With all the water in Kaag en Braassem it can sometimes be difficult to get places. In order to help cyclists and pedestrians from having to go kilometres out of their way through the polders, ferries are used at various points. In most cases this very handy.

Tulips from the Veen

Gardeners ,

The story of tulips from the Veen (abbreviation for Roelofarendsveen) is the story of passionate, hard-working, creative entrepreneurs. Veen tulips are popular around the world, and despite times of economic crisis, for a few euros consumers can create a comfortable ambience at home with a bouquet of colourful tulips.