The story of the polders

Kaag en Braassem
Polders ,

It must have looked amusing. Inspectors of Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland tackling cracks in the dikes with a watering can and some soil. Very basic perhaps, but extremely effective. Boats sprayed the dikes from the water. The spring of 2011 threatened to become even dryer than the preceding year and peat dikes do not like dryness. If they dry out, they can break.

Rotteveel Farmhouse cheese: from cattle farmer to cheese farm

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Reporter Paul Graafland visited the Rotteveel family in Rijpwetering. An informative hour of nature education and his dream came true. What is farmhouse cheese, and how it’s made?

Vrouwtje Paling (“Lady Eel”)

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Vrouwtje Paling (“Lady Eel”) had the gift of communicating with fish. When she sat by the waterside and called the fish, the bream, perch, eel, tench and carp heeded her call.