Mariahoeve-lodging; sleep and wake up between cows

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Paul Graafland visited John and Mirjam van der Salm from Mariahoeve-lodging in Woubrugge (Ofwegen). A family business that not only runs a dairy farm, but rents out holiday cottages too. Where you sleep and wake up between cows.

Mariahoeve-lodging; sleep and wake up between cows

Paul Graafland visited John and Mirjam van der Salm from Mariahoeve-lodging in Woubrugge (Ofwegen). A family business that not only runs a dairy farm, but rents out holiday cottages too. Where you sleep and wake up between cows.

This dairy farm has been established on the same address for generations, and it still is. The started renting out cottages in 2008 called Mariahoeve-lodging ( A very well picked out name, when you google it, you’re find them immediately.

Why this name, John? It has to do something with the catholic background of this area, but it’s not quite clear to us. Our farm is called Mariahoeve (Maria farm) for centuries.

Why still cows? It fits very well with the tourism concept and you have to stand on two feet.

To what kind of guests appeals this concept the most? Especially to a lot of people who like tranquility, animals and off course watersports. The panoramic landscape appeals to a lot of visitors too.

Where do most of year guest come from? You’ll be surprised, 30% are from the Netherlands and 70% is foreign. Peru, Israel, Australia. Our website takes care of this, word of mouth does the rest. And listen to your guests, off course. Children are very active and learn how to handle animals in a playful way.

What distinguishes you from your competitors? We only have ‘colleagues’, but only very few. This is not a saturated market. At which holiday resort, are you woken by cows and can talk to them too? Ha ha.. By the way, that are not the only animals here. We’re very proud of our concept.

What’s part of the job, but would you rather not do? Cleaning up peoples mess. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often, only very occasionally they’re not as carefully and neatly as we would like.

Watersports plays a big role too, what are the possibilities here? We have a beautiful swimming spot, and each tenant have a rowing boat at their disposal. Casting a rod is one of the possibilities too.

Is Mirjam the strong woman behind the enterprising man? Yes, you could say so, but it’s also the other way round.

What is the average occupation? During summer from 85 up to 90%, during winter a little less, but during that period, guests stay longer. Especially when there’s ice, unfortunately that didn’t happen that often over the last few years.

Is Wi-Fi important? Off course, our cottages are fully equipped, Wi-Fi, Dishwasher BBQ, etc. a lot of luxury, but the most important luxury is enjoying the tranquility and nature. All in the middle of the Randstad.

Excursions? No, we don’t do that, everyone can arrange that themselves, but we happy to give suggestions.

Meals, breakfast and taking care of guests? Hoogmade has two fine restaurants and a good supermarket, so guests are happy to care of themselves. Beautiful walk alongside the Wijde Aa, visiting Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam, we are in the middle of it all. And don’t forget all the Mills.

Traveling that far, don’t all guest want to visit Amsterdam? We profit from Amsterdam. Actually, most of them only heard about Amsterdam, not the Netherlands. In other parts of the world, our country hardly exists, they don’t even know where it is.

What would you like to add? We would love to have a fourth cottage. We also are developing a ‘hay hotel’, where you can spend the night in the haystack. With luxury beds and a view over meadows and cows. The stable, which is appropriate for this purpose is emptied already and we’re working on permission.

How do you think about the promotion of Kaag & Braassem? To the municipality I would like to say; Do promote the Groene Hart (Green Heart) more, and think about your beautiful situated sub municipalities. Sometimes we feel like a neglected child.

How would you like to be described by your guests? 'This was the best Efteling ever,' a quote from an Israeli family who was a guest here.

We’re really satisfied when…? Our guests and cows are too.

We say goodbye to Mirjam and John from Mariahoeve-lodging. Our impression? Perfect and most of all inventive.

Paul Graafland 

Pictures: Family van der Salm


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