Go-SUB Stand Up Biking

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Go-SUB Stand Up Biking

Do you often have trouble coming up with an activity that really gets everyone excited? Imagine that you can make a nice trip with a group through the polders, villages, lakes and along the mills. Where you have the best view, can chat with each other and also get moving. Maybe a small game for the sports enthusiasts?

This is possible with the Elliptigo. A sporty outing for everyone and for almost any age. Nice to explore the area with a group of friends or family on an Elliptigo. Standing and still active, that's fun to do! A trip on the Elliptigo is an ideal activity to undertake together. Discover the area in a sporty way with the Elliptigo, where you can also challenge each other.

What is the Elliptigo

On an Elliptigo you practice a combination of running, cycling and the cross trainer. It is a very fun and effective way to move. A smooth movement that is not stressful for your joints, so that the pleasure remains paramount.

The movement you make on an Elliptigo is a true-to-life approach to running ....



If you want to go out with the Elliptigo, you can rent it for a half day or two consecutive half-days. (max. 7 persons). This way you can enjoy a beautiful route through, for example, the beautiful polder landscape. You have enough time to take a rest and sit on a terrace.

Group outings!

Group outings in Kaag en Braassem and surroundings. For example, boarding together in Rijwetering and then via Oud Ade, the Boterhuispolder in the direction of Leiderdorp, on to Hoogmade. Enjoy a nice terrace along the Does and via the polder back to Rijpwetering. Beautiful landscapes along the way, characteristic buildings and many beautiful points to take beautiful pictures along the way.

The inner person needs something, because you burn a lot of calories on an Elliptigo. But enough opportunities to make a stopover on the way for something to eat or drink. Finally, a nice chat at De Vergulde Vos about the experiences on the Elliptigo.

A day out that everyone, young and old, can enjoy? Anyone can do it and you determine the intensity of the ride! The standing position gives you the best view of the surroundings. And that with a completely different way of moving than you are used to up to now. Sharing such a new experience together creates those unforgettable moments that make an outing so valuable.

Go-SUB is active in Kaag en Braassem and the immediate vicinity.

Also on location!

If necessary, we bring the Elliptigos to location and collect them there as well. An activity can also be done under the guidance of Go-Sub. We always give a short instruction in advance so that you can get started quickly and comfortably.

The start of the tour can be at your company, a restaurant or just at your home. Do you want to combine the tour with food and drink at a nice location? We would like to hear what your wishes are and discuss this with the relevant catering location.

The costs for an outing with the Elliptigo depend on the group size, the location and any additional wishes. We are happy to make an inventory of your wishes and make a suitable offer for you.

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H.P. van der Poellaan 41
2375 XD Rijpwetering
06 40 267 176
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