Eleven villages route

Eleven villages route
Bilderdam, Hoogmade, Kaag, Kaag en Braassem, Leimuiden, Nieuwe Wetering, Oud Ade, Oude Wetering, Rijnsaterwoude, Rijpwetering, Roelofarendsveen, Woubrugge
ruim 50 km
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Eleven villages route

We will guide our visitors in a sustainable way with an eleven villages bicycle ride along the monuments. The eleven villages of Kaag & Braasem are connected with each other via this route. How nice it is to see a monument in each village. Will you visit them all? Don’t forget to ask for a stamp at one of the monuments (one stamp per village, we will give you Nieuwe Wetering for free). A complete stamp-card can be exchanged for a bag of tulip bulbs as a colorful reminder in Spring to this sustainable day in September. Sustainability is the best policy

Link to flyer with stamp-card


The route is approximately 50 km. This route is based upon the cycle network. However sometimes we deviate from the route to visit some of the monument.

Start at any address in Kaag & Braassem. This route description starts at the Vlietmolen in Hoogmade, node number 47.


•           46 – 45 – 44 – 33 – 34 – 19

•           [❗] Do not cycle to 18, but trun right before the bridge to Vriezenkoop-Zuid in the direaction of Bilderdam

•           [❗] At the end of the street, turn left across the bridge to the monument (peat cutters houses) and node number 11

•           [❗] Via the other side of the water (Vriezenkoop-Noord), you cycle to node number 13

•           [❗]At node number 18, you will deviate from the route again. Turn right for the Dorpstraat to visit the Village church and node number 6.

•           5 – 10 – 21 – 14 – 29 – 17

•           [❗] From node number 17 turn right to Stationstraat towards the roundabout straight ahead on the Sotaweg. At the end of the Sotaweg turn right for the Googermolen.

•           [❗] From the Googermolen it’s a only a short distance to return to the route. Continue the cycle track along the Ringvaart to node number 9.

•           [❗] 8 –Ferry from Buitenkaag to Kaag. Note: the cycle ferry kan only take 12 people at a tum. So take into account that you may have to wait some time when the weather is good. Luckily there are lots of monuments to visit at Kaag and restaurants for a restful break.

•           39 – 40 – 86 – 43 – 38 – 48 – 47


Ferry information from and to Kaag

Especially for Open Monuments day the cycle ferry will sail on September 10 and 11 between Kaag en Oud Ade. A car ferry will always sail from Buitenkaag. The costs are:

Buitenkaag-Kaag €1
Kaag-Oud Ade €2


Oud Ade-Kaag €3
Kaag-Buitenkaag – free

Door een proef van Veerdienst Kaag t/m eind september 2022 kan het zijn dat het andersom is – je betaalt hoe dan ook in totaal €3 voor de veerdiensten.

Due to a test by Ferryservice Kaag until the end of September, it may be the other way round. Nevertheless, you will pay €3.- in total for the ferry services