Polders and Lakes Pathway

Polders and Lakes Pathway
Kaag en Braassem, Zoeterwoude, Alphen aan den Rijn
135 km (netwerk)

Polders and Lakes Pathway

No were else in the Netherlands you can find more water than in this area. The multiple days Polders and Lakes Pathway is a 135 kilometers long walk and will lead you through the beautiful polder landscape. The route will take you along extensive lakes with wavy reed border, well organized tree nurseries, stately mills and picturesque villages.

Water is of great influence in this this area. A large part of this region is up to 5 meters below sea-level. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day there is work to be done to keep the water on level. A network of artificial waterways, pumping-engines, locks and mills prevent the area from flooding.

This walk will cross paths over agricultural land, footpaths and tranquil polder roads as much as possible. Tranquility, space and fantastic views will predominate. You’ll find all information about the hydraulic history and anecdotes about the corresponding route in the AbelLife app.

Carefree on your way

Depending on the number of days you want to walk, you can book a tailor-made package deal. you will stay at B&B’s or small-scale hotels in the most beautiful places. luggage will be taken care for. You can also discover it all by yourself. Read more>>

Walking route network

The Polders and Lakes pathway is part of the Walking route network. A brand-new network of 450 kilometers walking fun for young and old. Existing walks, new walks, long distance walks and countryside paths are integrated in a marked walking network.

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After clicking on the ‘download button’ you’ll find three files, which can help you discovering the router. You’ll find a flyer with walking event in the area, places to stay along the route and a KML file of the map.

You can buy a route map at for instance Veenerick or Tourist information (VVV) Alphen a/d Rijn. You can also download the route via AbelLife app on your mobile phone.

Want to make things easy? Book the multiple days Walking route, for more details see this page.

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