Tulip Route

Tulip Route
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Tulip Route

How does it work?

Follow the two-hour Tulip Route through the stories. In special places signs tell these stories in the form of inspirational titbits, facts and anecdotes that make the Veense polder special. Background and an in-depth look into the stories can be found at rondomkaagenbraassem.nl/tulpenroute.

Don’t have your own boat?

You can sail the route with your own boat. Don’t have a boat? At Restaurant Wagenaar you can rent an electric boat from Bob on Board. Call 06-52083062 for a reservation.

Operate the lock yourself

Coming from the lake into the polder? You are most welcome. From the Braassemermeer via the Zwet, you sail into the historical lock which you operate yourself. Passing through this lock is a unique experience.

In the polder

Enjoy yourself, but show respect for the residents and the environment. As there is limited navigability in the polder, please do not deviate from the route. Take note the height. The lowest bridge on the route is 1.20 meters.

The Tulip route is offered to you by:

Bob on Board - Restaurant Wagenaar - Café de Haven - Verdel ICT & Media - Wesselman Flowers - Th.C. Hoogenboom - Carpentier Mooren - Heembouw - Zwet Tullips - Vink Installatie Groep - Winterflora - Dobbe Transport - Park Wijde Aa - Straathof Plants - Ruiten Fleur - Gerard de Koning Bloemen - Castelijn - Van der Poel Versspecialist - N.W. van Ruiten B.V - Hilgersom Grond - Willem Kuipers BV - Wijsman Benzine BV - Rabobank Groene Hart Noord.

Made possible with the cooperation of:

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