Follow the trail of the Veen Mermaid

Follow the trail of the Veen Mermaid
Rijpwetering, Oud Ade, Oude Wetering, Leiderdorp, Leiden, Nieuwe Wetering, Roelofarendsveen
30 km
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Follow the trail of the Veen Mermaid

“It seems that a miracle lives in the polers of Kaag and Braassem”

With those words, Professor of History by appointment, R.A. van Veen, handed us a letter a year ago. Dated from 1881 and found the municipality archive, section mysterious and unsolved affairs. The story continuously resonated in our minds, and when professor van Veen, after some scientific tests, indisputably confirmed that the letter was authentic, we decided to do        follow-up research ourselves.

Cyclist get acquainted with the Veen Mermaid via 10 photo panels along the route, made by initiator Erma Rotteveel. In the course of time, she photographed undeniable proof about the existence of the Veen mermaid in an imaginative way. Each photo panel tells a remarkable, flourishing polder saga about the relation of the Veen mermaid with tulips, farmers and gardeners. And about the traces she left in the polder landscape. Erna: “We hope that people will look at the beautiful surrounding with different eyes and, of course, will look for new evidence, confirming the existence of the Veen mermaid.

Those who follow the trail of the Veen mermaid by bicycle get lavishly rewarded. With a fresh look at the magnificent surroundings and with ten photo panels along the route. Have a lot of cycling fun!

PS: Do not forget to treat yourself for a refreshment at one of the many establishments along the route.