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Kaag en Braassem has a unique character with many windmills, churches, heritage sites, museums, parks and special places that it accommodates. Take the time to see them up close.


Googermolenweg 1
2377 CW Oude Wetering
Windmills ,

In 1717 the Googermolen was built to drain the Googerpolder. The current miller is Jos van der Donk.

Vrouw Vennemolen

Leidseweg 3
2374 AN Oud Ade
Windmills ,

The Vrouw Vennemolen in Oud Ade dates from the 17th century and was largely renovated in 1835. The hollow post windmill with a red painted upper house can be used to drain the Vrouw Vennepolder.


Roode polder (geen adres)
2374 BP Oud Ade

The Rodemolen in Oud Ade was built in 1632 to drain the Westlagelandspolder. The name of this polder didn’t last long, as in 1654 it already was mentioned the Roodmolenpolder (red mill polder), the current name is, in short, Rode Polder. So the polder was mentioned after the mill intead of the other way round.


Doespolderweg 4
2355 CP Hoogmade
Windmills ,

This smock mill dated 1640 was used to drain the Voorofse or Grospolder. It was a working mill until 1956, after which it deteriorated.


Vlietkade 1
2355 CR Hoogmade
Windmills ,

The Vlietmolen was built in 1913 to drain the Vlietpolder, after its predecessor burnt down. The top of the Vlietmolen wasn’t newly built, but originated from a smock mill from Ter Aar.


Van Klaverweijdeweg 25
2355 AA Hoogmade
Windmills ,

This small smock mill was built around 1911, to drive a circular saw in the mill building company of Jan Dekker. After abolishing the company the mill was moved to a mill building company in Rijnsaterwoude.

Hoogmadese molen

Noordeinde 34a
2355 AN Hoogmade
Windmills ,

The Hoogmadese windmill has been used for draining the Hoogmadesche polder and the Piestpolder since 1897. It is built on the foundations of an old hollow post windmill, which was in too poor a condition to be restored.


Doespolderkade 5
2355 AB Hoogmade
Windmills ,

The Doesmolen is most likely built in 1636 and forms a couple with the Kalkmolen. Together they drain the Doespolder.


Doespolderkade (geen adres)
Windmills ,

The Kalkmolen is a smock mill and was built in 1684 to drain the Kalkpolder in Leiderdorp. The mill was partly broken down in 2006 and temporarily stored.

Het Braassemermeer (The Braassemer Lake)

Kaag en Braassem
Notable places ,

This area is home to many markets and is full of activities. The many villages, such as Roelofarendsveen, Rijpwetering, Oude Wetering and Ter Aar are characterised by intensive agriculture and horticulture.


Aderpolder 3
2159 BA Rijpwetering
Windmills ,

The Adermolen is a ground-sailor from 1941. It’s a mill which can be operated from the ground. This round stone windmill with thatches roof is being used to drain the Aderpolder. The mill, an eight sided jack mill, which originally drained this poder, burnt down in 1880.


Achterdijk 11
2375 XJ Rijpwetering
Windmills ,

The Waterloosmolen is an eight-sided, thatched roof ground-sailor, built in 1857 to drain the Waterloos polder.