Doespolderweg 4
2355 CP Hoogmade
Windmills ,
Foto door: Roos - Lichtgevoelig


This smock mill dated 1640 was used to drain the Voorofse or Grospolder. It was a working mill until 1956, after which it deteriorated.

The Dutch mill foundation obtained the Grosmolen in 1961 and was thoroughly restored in 1966 and 1967, but due to the lower polder level, the paddle wheel is to high to drain the polder effectively. When the blades are turning, you can visit the mill with its characteristic red top.

The mill drains the Voorofse or Grospolder and replaces in 1640 a smock mill that was built in 1632 or came from a different part of the polder. The polder itself was founded in 1570.

Remarkablaly is the top shaft, which is clearly too big for this mill and therefore most likely was used in another mill. To place the sail-arm somewhat in the middle, additional chocks to fill out.

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Source: Dutch mill foundation

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