Lijkermolen no. 1

Poeldijk 8
2375 NE Rijpwetering
Windmills ,
Foto door: Roos - Lichtgevoelig

Lijkermolen no. 1

Together Lijkermolen No. 1 and Lijkermolen No. 2 form a unique duo. They are the only twelve-sided stone mills in the Netherlands. The two ground-sailers (windmills that can be controlled from the ground) were built in 1780 on a pond which had had its peat removed (the current Drooggemaakte Veender- en Lijkerpolder) to drain it dry.

In contrast to No. 2, Lijkermolen No. 1 never received an electric auxiliary drive. Until the 1980s it continued to drain the polder using wind energy. Due to the poor state of repair, a thorough restoration took place in 1996. Since then, the mill has been in full working capacity.

Lijkermolen No. 1 is located on Kleipoel in Rijpwetering and shows off beautifully against the landscape of open water and deep polders. The mill is not open to the public.

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