Poeldijk 16
2375 NH Rijpwetering
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Foto door: Annemieke Piek


The Moppemolen was built in 1752 after fire destroyed its predecessor. Together with the Meerkrek this ground-sailer was used for drainage of the Veenderpolder and the Lijkerpolder beyond the dikes.

When the Meerkreuk was replaced in 1924 by a motorised pumping station, the future of the Moppemolen was also at stake. Residents of Nieuwe Wetering protested because they were afraid of water pollution if the mill were to disappear. And with success: the Moppemolen was retained as a back-up drainage facility. During World War II, when fuel for the pumping station was scarce and expensive, the mill came in handy!

The Moppemolen, which is known for its tremendous water resistance, is probably named after the nearby Moppehoeve. According to tradition, this farm was once bought with 'jokes' (moppen in Dutch means jokes, but it is also slang for "money").

Officially, the mill is situated by the Poeldijk, but it can only be seen close up by looking through the Dwarsweg. The Moppemolen serves as a home and is still workable, but is not open to the public.

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