Roode polder (geen adres)
2374 BP Oud Ade
Foto door: Roos - Lichtgevoelig


The Rodemolen in Oud Ade was built in 1632 to drain the Westlagelandspolder. The name of this polder didn’t last long, as in 1654 it already was mentioned the Roodmolenpolder (red mill polder), the current name is, in short, Rode Polder. So the polder was mentioned after the mill intead of the other way round.

Until 1959, the polder was drained fully by wind force. When it turned out that the Rodemolen needed maintenance urgently, a mortar pump was built. The mill stopped working and deteriorated. After a huge restauration in 1974, the mill is used as a reserve pumping station.

Unique for the Rodemolen is the thatched roof Dutch smock mills almost always s have a wooden roof, mostly coated with roofing felt. In the open polder landscape, the Rodemolen has a striking appearance.

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