Veense Sluis (Veen Lock)

Noordkade 3
2371 EA Roelofarendsveen
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Veense Sluis (Veen Lock)

In 1632 the polder was closed due to flooding of the Braassem. Four wooden locks were built for water regulation and accessibility. The current sluice dates from 1897 and replaced the first, wooden sluice. This is the only lock remaining in the area.

Over the years, the Veense Sluis has been renewed several times. The most recent renovations date from 2014, when the quay around the Sluice was elevated and from 2015, when the floodgates were replaced.

Café de Haven is situated to the left of the lock. Every three years the Sluisconcerten (Lock Concerts) take place at the lock.

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