Vlietkade 1
2355 CR Hoogmade
Windmills ,
Foto door: Roos - Lichtgevoelig


The Vlietmolen was built in 1913 to drain the Vlietpolder, after its predecessor burnt down. The top of the Vlietmolen wasn’t newly built, but originated from a smock mill from Ter Aar.

After the axle broke in 1956, and the wing cross fell down, it was considered to demolish the Vlietmolen. As there already was an electrical driven jackscrew draining the polder. However, in 1967 the mill was restored by the Rijnlandse mill foundation.

In 2002, the Vlietmolen was completely restored and ever since, it can drain again by using wind force. The mill is not open to public, but when the blades are turning, the miller will welcome visitors. The residential building is private.

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