Achterdijk 11
2375 XJ Rijpwetering
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Foto door: Quistnix (Wikipedia)


The Waterloosmolen is an eight-sided, thatched roof ground-sailor, built in 1857 to drain the Waterloos polder.

The Waterloosmolen is the third mill on this spot. Its predecessor, was destroyed by a fire on June 25, 1857. The first mill, a smock mill, was not restored after a heavy storm in 1775.

During the seventies of the 20th century, the state of the Waterloosmolen deteriorated. During the restauration between 1995-1997, the foundation and paddlewheel of the mill where thoroughly restored. Since then, the mill can be used to drain the polder. The Waterloospolder is not open to public.

More information about the Waterloosmolen can be found in the Dutch mill database.